A Complete List of Discount Airlines and Their Route Maps/Fees

A Guide to Low Cost Carriers Worldwide

Low Cost Carriers (LCCs), or discount airlines, are widely used all over the world for cheap and efficient travel.  We do not have many LCCs in the US, by definition (if you ask me, most of them are basically LCCs, but definition disagrees), but we do have some.  What is an LCC? They offer really cheap plane tickets, that don’t include anything.  In other words, they have an upcharge (additional charge) for everything, like a seat assignment, checked bag or glass of water.  Yes, the comfort on these airlines is not great, but a $19 flight (when I checked about a month ago, they were $13…) from Poland to the UK is pretty unbeatable (that is like flying from Denver to Chicago distance wise).

Wizz Example

Discount airlines are common in SE Asia/Oceania and Europe, so if you are planning a trip to one of these regions some time soon, be sure to find out which airlines fly to where you want to go. Most LCCs fly point to point routes, which mean they only have direct flights (more common in Europe).  You cannot connect (most of the time) on a discount airline under one ticket, but instead would have to purchase two separate tickets. This is why it’s helpful to look at route maps to understand where they fly.


Things to Note While Flying LCCs:

  • Fees exist for everything.
  • It is cheaper to book extras like checked baggage ahead of time.
  • The closer you get to the gate, the more expensive everything is.
  • No one will tell you that you have to check your bag because it is too big until you are at the gate.
  • Check in and print your ticket ahead of time.
  • Research fees before you go to the airport, it can save you a lot!
  • Usually, flights do not happen every day, but instead a few days a week between city paris.
  • Sometimes they fly to far out airports, like Paris Beauvais is ~85 km from downtown Paris. Check transport options prior to booking.
  • Instead Of changing your ticket, it is probably better to just buy a new one.
  • After factoring in baggage fees and such, it is sometimes a better deal to fly with a flag carrier (a nation’s flag carrier is one like Lufthansa, British Airways etc.).


I will sort each airline by region, where to find their route map, a link to their fees page and some  unique destinations that they operate to. I am only going to list airlines that I consider to be LCCs. I am sorry, but Southwest is a luxurious LCC if you consider them a LCC.  Please note that this list is not comprehensive, and if you know of some LCCs that are not listed, I would love to know about them!


North America

I think most legacy (United, AA, Delta) carriers could be considered LCCs because they charge for most things nowadays, but we will skip them.

United States


Hub(s): Hub: Mainly Point to Point but key cities are Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Route Map: Allegiant Route Map

Fee Charts: Allegiant Fees Page

Unique Destinations: Plattsburgh (access to Montreal) and Hawaii

Allow Connections?: No



Hub(s): Denver, focusing on various East Coast airports.

Route Map: Frontier Route Map

Fee Charts: Frontier Fee Page

Unique Destinations: Mexico, Caribbean and Alaska

Allow Connections?: Yes

NOTE: Check with them daily or subscribe to their sales, so you can take advantage of their $15 fares like I did to California.


People Express

I am only mentioning them because they were trying to make a comeback that seems to be unsuccessful, but if they do make it, here is their website. Based on the East Coast.



Hub(s): Ft. Lauderdale and Detroit amongst others.

Route Map: Spirit Route Map

Fee Charts: Spirit Fee Page

Unique Destinations: Peru, Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean.

Allow Connections?: Yes

Note: Spirit are pretty blatant about their fares and business practice, they want you to know what you are getting. Because of this, they are the most complained about airline in the US, but I just see them as the most extreme.

Note #2: Spirit has a $9 fare club which offers discounts on airfare and optional fees.


Sun Country

Hub(s): Minneapolis

Route Map: Sun Country Route Map

Fee Charts: Sun Country Fees

Unique Destinations: Anchorage, Mexico, Caribbean and some of Central America.

Allow Connections?: Yes

Sun Country


Air Canada Rouge

Rouge is a new, Low Cost option of Air Canada.  Air Canada is using Rouge as a vacation, or select destination carrier with less amenities than mainline Air Canada.

Hub(s): Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

Route Map: Air Canada Rouge Route Map*

Fee Charts: Rouge Fees

Unique Destinations: Caribbean, Athens, Dublin, Edinburgh, Venice and now some parts of the US, including Hawaii.

Allow Connections?: Yes, can connect to mainline Air Canada.

*More destinations have been added since this route map was published.


Air Transat

Hub(s): Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

Route Map: Air Transat Route Map

Fee Charts: Baggage. Others found under “Travel Information.”

Unique Destinations: Europe and the Caribbean, including Cuba

Allow Connections: No?



Hub(s): Calgary and Toronto.

Route Map: WestJet Route Map

Fee Charts: WestJet Fees

Unique Destinations: Dublin and Glasgow from St. John’s, Canada. Also Carribbean and most of the US.

Allow Connections?: Yes.


South America


Hub(s): Sao Paulo, Brazil

Route Map: Azul Route Map

Fee Charts: Azul Fees (which are not for anything really as you are allowed 2 x 70kg checked bags…)

Unique Destinations: Flights to Florida begin next month, then JFK in early 2015. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil- a set of Brazilian islands that few Americans go to.

Allow Connections?: Yes.

Note: Azul is a new start up in Brazil, who was started by the same person that started JetBlue (funny how the names are the same?).  They offer similar amenities to JetBlue.  They also offer a free bus to the airport in Sao Paulo found here. They have had some really good introductory fares for their new flights to the US as well.


Hub(s): Santiago, Chile.

Route Map: Sky Route Map

Fee Charts: None? I can’t find even an excess baggage fees chart.

Unique Destinations: Patagonia within Chile and Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, La Paz and Lima.

Allow Connections?: Yes.



Most European carriers now have a budget option. Look at British Airways for instance, they have a fare that does not include any baggage or food, but is competitively priced with the competition.  This is the only way that the big airlines are staying in business, so be sure to check all options before booking.

European discount airlines have destinations all over Europe. I find that route maps are really helpful while figuring out which one(s) will serve my needs.  Sometimes they are searchable on Kayak, but it is often best to book straight through the carriers website.

One of my favorite things to do in Europe is fly LCCs as point to point airlines, but allow a day or two in the city where you change flights so you can see more.  It is on the way, so why not?

Air Berlin

Hub(s): Berlin and Dusseldorf, Germany.

Route Map: Air Berlin Route Map (somewhat worthless, because they include all of their Oneworld partners).

Fee Charts: Air Berlin Fees

Unique Destinations: Worldwide.

Allow Connections: Yes. Can connect with OneWorld Partners.


Easy Jet

Hub(s): London, but really every where.

Route Map: Easy Jet Route Map

Fee Charts: Easy Jet Fees

Unique Destinations: Iceland, Tel Aviv, Egypt, Morocco, Canary Islands.

Allow Connections: No.

In case you don’t like flying. Also, getting from the airport to London, consider Easy Bus.

German Wings

Hub(s): Various Airports in Germany.

Route Map: German Wings Route Map (It shows possible connections too).

Fee Charts: German Wings Baggage Fees (It looks like you need a booking to add other things).

Unique Destinations: Iceland and the tip of Morocco.

Allow Connections: Yes. Sometimes connects with Lufthansa.



Route Map: Jet2 Route Map

Fee Charts: Jet2 Fees (the revolving categories list thing).

Unique Destinations: Occasionally to New York.  The Canary Islands, Tunisia and Holiday destinations in the Med.

Allow Connections: No.



Hub(s): UK Based

Route Map: Monarch Route Map

Fee Charts: Monarch Fees

Unique Destinations: India, Gambia, Orlando, Tobago, Canary Islands and Morocco.

Allow Connections: No.



Hub(s): London, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Route Map: Norwegian Route Map (Does not have all US Destinations)

Fee Charts: Norwegian Fees.

Unique Destinations: Bangkok, Dubai, Iceland, Longyearbyen (North of Norway, like really far North), the Canary Islands, Morocco and various US destinations.

Allow Connections: Yes.

Norwegian is apparently really good (I have never flown them), like the best of the LCCs. They offer free WiFi on board as well.



Hub(s): Istanbul, Turkey

Route Map: Pegasus Route List via Wikipedia (couldn’t find on their website)

Fee Charts: Pegasus Fees

Unique Destinations: Connecting Europe with places in the Middle East and all over Turkey.

Allow Connections: Yes.


Ryan Air

Hub(s): Primarily Point to Point Travel, but Dublin, Ireland and London-Stansted, UK.

Route Map: Ryan Air Route Map

Fee Charts: Ryan Air Fees

Unique Destinations: Morocco and the Canary Islands.

Allow Connections: No.

If you are going somewhere, from somewhere, there is a good chance that Ryan Air is going there too.



Hub(s): Amsterdam, Paris, Nantes and other various Dutch/French Airports

Route Map: Transavia Route Map

Fee Charts: Baggage

Unique Destinations: Cape Verde Islands, Canaries, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Morocco, Tunisia and Banjul, Gambia.

Allow Connections: No.


Hub(s): Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy

Route Map: Vueling Route Map

Fee Charts: Vueling Fees

Unique Destinations: Dakar (Senegal), Banjul (Gambia), Tel Aviv, Yerevan (Armenia), Algiers (Algeria), Beirut and others.

Allow Connections: Yes. Also connects to Iberia.

A pretty good airline (one of the better ones) with unique destinations. I find Vueling a bit more expensive though.


Wizz Air

Hub(s): Mostly Eastern Europe: Poland, Bulgaria, Romania etc.

Route Map: Wizz Air Route Map (on their homepage).

Fee Charts: Baggage and Other Fees (links under travel information or the left).

Unique Destinations: Dubai, Tel Aviv, Remoteish Norway and Tbilisi, Georgia.

Allow Connections: No.


Hub(s): Reykjavik, Iceland

Route Map: WOW Route Map

Fee Charts: WOW Fees, (and WOW they are!)

Unique Destinations: Starting Summer 2015: Baltimore and Boston, USA. Also Iceland to the Canaries.

Allow Connections: Yes.


XL Airways

Hub(s): Paris, France

Route Map: XL Route Map I find this easier to understand.

Fee Charts: Baggage and Other Fees

Unique Destinations: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Punta Cana, Male, Reunion (that sounds nice) and some others.

Allow Connections: Maybe?

I am not as well traveled in these parts of the world, so I don’t know all of the airlines. As I am planning trips to Asia for next year, I have written down what I have found while researching for my trips, and hope that you can help me add to this list. I will also add what I find as I research more.

Middle East/ India

Air Arabia

Hub(s): Casablanca, Morocco. Alexandria, Egypt and Sharjah, UAE.

Route Map: Air Arabia Route Map (I have not been able to get this to work for about 3 months).

Fee Charts: Air Arabia Fees (coming soon?)

Unique Destinations: Extends the length of The Mediterranean and anything along the way. Goes all the way to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Allow Connections: Yes?


Fly Dubai

Hub(s): Dubai, UAE

Route Map: Fly Dubai Route Map

Fee Charts: Fly Dubai Baggage. Other Fees are hidden somewhere on website.

Unique Destinations: Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East (all over), India, Kathmandu and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Allow Connections: Yes.

Fly Dubai

Go Air

Hub(s): Mombai, India

Route Map: Go Air Route Map

Fee Charts: Baggage

Unique Destinations: Domestic India.


Spice Jet

Hub(s): Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, India.

Route Map: Spice Jet Route Map

Fee Charts: Baggage (free)

Unique Destinations: Male, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Oman and Kathmandu. (Also Saudi Arabia, but good luck with the $500 visa)

Allow Connections: Yes.


I have only been to Southern Africa, and this is all I saw while there. I am sure there are others. Some like Rwandair could be considered discount airlines.


Hub(s): Johannesburg, South Africa

Route Map: Kulula Route Map

Fee Charts: Bags fly free.

Unique Destinations: Domestic South Africa with connections to international destinations with partners.

Allow Connections: Yes.


Mango Airlines

Hub(s): Johannesburg, South Africa

Route Map: Mango Airlines Route Map

Fee Charts: Mango Airlines Fees

Unique Destinations: Domestic South Africa

Allow Connections: Maybe?

Asia / SE Asia / Oceania

Many of these carriers fly all around Asia and Australia/ New Zealand. Because of that, I grouped them together.

Air Asia and Air Asia X

Air Asia is a huge airline in SE Asia. They have different branches of service all over Asia.  Air Asia X is a long haul airline, based out of Kuala Lumpur. During their sales, you can score tickets for as low as $11 each way (I just did for next summer).

Hub(s): Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and all over SE Asia

Route Map: Air Asia Route Map

Fee Charts: Air Asia Fees

Unique Destinations: All over SE Asia with long hauls to Japan, Australia and more.

Allow Connections: Yes.



Hub(s): Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia.

Route Map: Firefly Route Map (click “Map”)

Fee Charts: Firefly Fees

Unique Destinations: All over SE Asia with long hauls to Japan, Australia and more.

Allow Connections: No.



Hub(s): Melbourne, Australia and Singapore, amongst others.

Route Map: Jetstar Route Map

Fee Charts: Jetstar Fees

Unique Destinations: Honolulu ;), Fiji, New Zealand and all over Asia including Vietnam (domestic too), Cambodia and China as well as the rest of Eastern Asia.

Allow Connections: Yes.

Nok Air

In conjunction with Scoot Airlines

Hub(s): Bangkok, Thailand

Route Map: Nok Route Map

Fee Charts: Nok Air Fees

Unique Destinations: All over Thailand. Some destinations are a flight to bus combination.

Allow Connections: Yes.

Lion Air

Not the best safety rating, but they fly all new 737’s!

Hub(s): Various Airports in Indonesia

Route Map: Lion Air Route Map

Fee Charts: MIA?

Unique Destinations: Far into Indonesia, like far. Like where tourists usually don’t go. And connections to other countries in SE Asia.

Allow Connections: Yes.



Hub(s): Singapore

Route Map: Scoot Route Map

Fee Charts: Scoot Fees

Unique Destinations: All over, from India to Australia to Japan, and everything in between.

Allow Connections: Yes.

I saw some really good deals on this guy from Singapore to Hong Kong for $20 once.


Tiger Air

Hub(s): Singapore

Route Map: Tiger Air Route Map

Fee Charts: Tiger Air Fees

Unique Destinations: India, China, Australia and SE Asia.

Allow Connections: Yes.

Another airline to consider is Phillippine Air. They offer pretty good deals across the Pacific to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver. They are a legacy carrier though.

If you realized something about this post, it might be a) this is not complete and b) you can go around the world on discount airlines. Maybe for another post, sometime soon. Maybe I will even route out every route on a map! (That sounds like a lot of work)

In short, discount airlines probably fly where you want to go, at a fraction of the price. I have been using more and more of them over the years, because they simply beat out all other forms of transport.  I will add to this list in the future.

Cheers from Barcelona, (where __________________ is based!). (It’s Vueling)


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