British Airways Awards Intra Country Now Bookable Online

Just a bit of an update to my post on The Best Uses of British Airways Avios: South America. In the post, I said that you could not book tickets within the same country online, and instead had to call in. Between today’s and yesterday’s search, it appears that you can book intra country awards online.

I have been looking for awards from Lima to Puerto Maldonado in Peru for this August. Every time I would have to call Executive Club, but today I found the flights online:


I also checked Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador as well. Brazil is proving to be difficult. I can’t even get a simple route like Sao Paulo to Rio to show availability, so maybe TAM airlines is not on, but I would imagine that it soon will be. Maybe it is up and nothing was available, who knows.







This is nice and convenient now, because you don’t have to call every time to see if flights are available. Avios are a great way to get around South America, and now you can easily search for their availability. I have not checked the exotic locations like Galapagos, Patagonia or San Andres. Maybe they are searchable, maybe not. I will look around a bit more, but after my quick search, LAN flights in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru are for sure bookable online.

Happy weekend folks!


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