NOTE:  This is the initial start of resources, in reality there are a good 30 websites I use daily, and its going to take time to add them all.

This page has a simple purpose: It shows the resources that I use on a regular basis to figure out stuff. Not everything is here, because in reality, this stuff took a lot of effort to find, and everyone can find it, so put some of your own time in to find some more resources.  What kind of stuff?  See for yourself:


I started just like you.  I was infatuated with the world and wanted to see it (although my story had more greedy beginnings).  I wanted to ski the world, trek the far away places, see animals outside of the zoo and most importantly, meet and eat with people from all over the world.  I want to have a global perspective, not the myopic American perspective.  With that, I started here.  The blogs.  I eventually learned that some blogs are awesome, and some are not.  I’ll let you decide.  I read a few of them, skim a lot of them, and “title shop” all of them.  Here is a list of what I think is the best.

Travel Is Free- Drew was one of the first blogs that I read.  He posts original content, which is big.  He has a different mind set, more of one like me.  This is a daily reader for me.

Boarding Area– A collection of blogs that have some great content, a lot of garbage (for low spenders and budget travelers), and some hidden gems.  Be wary in this neck of the woods.

TBB– A guy with a dry sense of humor that blatantly voices his opinion over certain blogs that evidently make a living from selling credit cards.  Good source for some random content and a wrap up of what is happening in the world of travel/points blogging.

Yomadic – A blog about travel, in far away places, with stories that will rival any I encounter.  This guy is the man.


The Flight Deal – Flight deals from large cities.  This is who alerted me to the $280 flight to Chile.

Fare Deal Alert – Same as above, but more secondary cities, like DEN.

Fly 4 Free – European Flight Deals.

ITA Matrix – An algorithm website for flights.  It has cool tools and is pretty powerful.  TFD has a crash course here.

Flyertalk MR Deals – Sometimes good deals show up on here that are worth taking advantage of.

I use Kayak for go to searches that need to be quick. The Explore feature is fun to mess with too.

For Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) or Discount Airlines, check out my Complete List of LCCs and their Route Maps/Fees or Around the World on LCCs for $1500: Summer 2015


Seat 61 – The most comprehensive resource for trains world wide. This is where I found out about the trains in South Africa.

Raildude – Similar to Seat 61. I like Seat 61 more, but that’s me.


Hostelworld – My #1 go to for finding hostels.

Hostel Bookers – Sometimes I find them cheaper than Hostelworld. – A good site to find lesser known, sometimes more local accommodations.

CouchSurfing – I really want this to work. All requests I have tried to do on here haven’t worked,  maybe  soon!

Once again, Kayak is great for findings BRGs.

And of course, sometimes for family trips we stay in hotels.  For this I use the respective hotel that we have points with or can transfer to.  This is usually Hyatt.


Flyertalk – The holy grail. Any question. Any topic.  The answer is here.

Milepoint – Similar to Flyertalk, but not as popular.

A lot of blogs have stuff on this as well, see above.  There are so many sources on points it is incredible.  A Google search can help you find anything here.

Route Maps 

Star Alliance – Key Airlines: United, Lufthansa, Singapore, ANA, Avianca, South African.

Oneworld – American, British Airways, LAN, JAL, Qantas.

Great Circle Map – This map allows you to plug in airports and find distances between places using Great Circle Lines (the lines that make planes curve because it is a shorter distance).  VERY helpful for determining mileage accrual and distances.

Look with specific airlines to get other routes.  Low Cost Carriers usually fly on a point to point basis.  This is why route maps are good to give you a visual representation.  Also they show the routes of the big airlines for complex award routing ideas.


I am not a big tour guy, but I have been on some with G Adventures and found them great, affordable, and having great guides.  I took a trip with them in Africa and their Tour du Mont Blanc Trek.  Another tempting one appears to be Intrepid, though I have not gone with them.

Travel Resources

Immigration Requirements – For US Nationals.  This site has country specific Entry/Exit Requirements and travel warnings for every country in the world.

Immunizations/Vaccines – The CDC puts country specific vaccines that you should have for every country in the world.

Rough Guides – Rough Guides is a British guide book company.  They have good intro pages on countries for initial steps of planning.  I like them more than Lonely Planet because their content seems more up to date and easier to read.

Price of Travel – A website that indexes costs of each country/city in the world.  Really helpful for figuring out a budget.

Rome2Rio – Shows transport options and prices between two locations for anywhere in the world. Accurate but not comprehensive.

Credit Score

These two websites provide free “rough” credit scores that do not impact your credit score.  In other words, they don’t use hard pulls. They are both safe and widely used.

Credit Sesame – Similar to Experian.

Credit Karma – Similar to TransUnion.



2 thoughts on “Resources

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  2. Planning some trips here and this entire blog has seriously been super helpful. Looks like you have been putting a lot of time into this and hopefully this comment can serve as some motivation to keep it going! Maybe we can link up sometime in the future, you always have a free place to stay and free adventure tour guide in Bozeman!


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